Wheel Spin

I had another post about this but i feel as if i need to explain it better.
Basically certain cars with higher horse power or faster speed off the line should gather wheel spin that makes the car slidy. don’t know what word to use. it should be more noticeable in RWD cars. If you put too much power in the wheels spin. If you slowly put power in by tapping w (don’t know how to explain) the car will move off the line more slowly and have less wheel spin. It should still do it in higher horse power cars when you’re moving as well. This could also introduce drift physics to the game so if people like to drift to get around they can do this.


Sounds cool, but this would mean we have to tap w every time when driving away with fast cars which is a bit awkward.

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Like pressing shift for the car to sprint?

Wouldn’t this problem be caused more by which gear you’re in than by how powerful your engine is?

Although this might be cool, I think that this could get annoying to be dealing with all the time

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Yes. U are correct.

If you use your gears or don’t put down all your power it would be less of a problem.

Gears mate.

When the car goes fast, it becomes uncontrollable? Or drifting? I’m fine with either but I cant really tell what this post means.

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