When did you start playing Unturned?

I played deadzone, forgot about it, and then found unturned 2.0 about 2 months after the steam release because a friend recommended it.

December 2016 when I saw alot of youtubers mention unturned.

I have two distinct “First Time” memories.

One was from 2.x (I think, could be earlier), I booted up Unturned, spawned by a lighthouse, and then quit the game.

When I actually got into playing was just after Festive Russia released, (Winter 2016 for all you nerds)

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I actually know the exact date of when I first got the game. 25th of March 2017.

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I started when the Russia map was just out. Wow almost three years now.

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a lighthouse you say…
do you by any chance mean a LIGHTHOUSE GHOST???

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I joined 3 days ago, so I’m the new guy here.

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