When someone right-click hits you in the back of your head with a blunt weapon, you should go unconscious

when you get hit on the back of the head by a blunt weapon like a baseball bat, your screen should go black, and then you cant move for 30-60 seconds depending on how strong of a weapon it is. a sledge hammer would knock you out for 60 seconds and a weaker weapon like a flashlight would knock you out for 30. your body can be dragged by other players and you can be hand cuffed. if someone injects you with an adrenaline needle, you should instantly wake up. if you are injected with morphine, you should be be unconscious for 25 more seconds. but you can only be given morphine twice to prevent you from being unconscious for ever. this would also give people more of a reason to carry adrenaline and morphine on them.

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this would also lessen the ammount of KOS, as people could knock them out, take the items they want from them, and then they can leave them there with the leftovers they didn’t need so they dont lose all their stuff, only what the guy who hit them wants

Based on the current suggestion, I feel like most players would rather be killed (quicker), and most players would prefer to just KOS (safer). :X


tranquilizer darts :flushed::flushed:

I don’t know about the exact specifics of your suggestion, but I have always liked a knocked out state.

I can think of multiple times in U3 a knocking out feature would have served a purpose and have been viable. I would love to see a knock out system in U2.

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Could be useful, when reputation is a crucial feature ingame. Like, having a pacifist attitude causes NPCs to be more friendly towards you (instead of being doubtful or even hostile, when having a high negative rep.), giving you quests, granting you discounts on items etc. Could be a cool feature since many games also have this kind of moral which affects the gameplay (good or bad endings, loyalty and trust from other characters etc.), whether you try going full rampage and kill everyone or rely more on stealth and attempt to stun as many enemies as possible.


ild rather die tbh


That doesn’t really prevent KOS.
If you get knocked out, you get your stuff stolen and the attacker runs away, it’s literally the same as getting killed and having your stuff taken. I would even argue that it’s worse, because you will be stuck in a radiated zone or a high risk area without anything. When you die, you at least spawn in a safe place.

And honestly, there are no specific items that people want, they just take the most important stuff until they run out of space. They won’t knock you out so they can get a can of beans and then run away. They’ll take your weapons, your armor, your ammo and your meds and if they have some space left over, they’ll take some resources, until there’s no more space.

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Unconsciousness is an interesting idea on paper, (i mean who wouldn’t love knocking out that guy who killed your friend and handcuffing him to a tree and slowly killing him by forcefeeding him rotten food?) but if you’ve played ARK you’d know you need some good balance for it not to be a cringefest.

In ARK, like many things in ARK, Torpidity and KO exists only to annoy you and break the game. There are giant snakes that grant unavoidable Torpor when they hit you, meaning if you see one early game, it’s best to call it a day, it’ll slither at you at Mach 5, hit you twice, KO you, and then spend the next 5 minutes slowly eating you to death.

Also in ARK, there’s a gamebreaking bug where wooden clubs deal low damage, but high Torpor, and Torpor ignores all armor, so freshspawns can run around with wooden clubs and easily beat down a full Tek dude. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how amazing your armor is, if you see a gang of 3 freshies with the dreaded clubs, say your prayers.

So if you’d like KO states to be in the game, my only suggestion is to make it a hassle to do. You should not be able to KO in one hit, why spend time fighting him in an intense swordbattle, weapons clashing and parrying, when you can roflstomp his forehead? Instead KOing should be much harder to do than killing, you should be tottaly capable of accidentally killing them instead of KOing them, there should be no possibility of getting off easy in a fight by abusing the KO system, it should strictly be a simple system that allows you to further troll enemies after defeating them if you particularly dislike them.


taking all of his guns and his armor and ammo is what i meant by taking what he wants :cold_face::cold_face:

make the area on the back of your head where hits are 1 shot/knockout a very small spot, so it would be hard to get a lucky hit there during an intense sword fight :cold_face:

In that case:

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Nah, just like the excessively-suggested executions it’s too cheap and adds unfair combat elements. It would be unfun for the victim to not be able to play for minutes just cause you scored a knockout.

The application seems to only favor towards those who like to roleplay. In normal gameplay people aren’t gonna enjoy being toyed with by being looted, dragged, cuffed, and drugged into forced consciousness. Pretty much the most likely outcome would be suicide or quit the server, but even then the chances of you possessing those items is very small

The reason why knockout mechanics exist in ARK is because the game features capturing/taming creatures and as such it also carries over to human characters as well. I don’t see any better use of knockout in Unturned except sadistic plays or roleplay


Right on. (10 characters)

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no because he wont have enough storage to take everything, he would probably still leave your clothes and some food :cold_face:

ok im gonna KOS everyone haha

Yeah, knockout isn’t any different to just KoS. It’s the same concept; you already set your eyes on attacking people to get their items. The only thing different is that people suffer spending 10 times longer not being able to play compared to getting the death screen and respawning, all because you scored a cheap lethal hit.

You’re basically encouraging that behaviour

That’s like what darkSP is saying… you would have the same storage problems if you just take down the guy normally.


Its a an okay idea but unconsciousness, only helps role-players really, but even if it exists i think it should be a chemical you can inject into people after you tie them up or a tranquillizer gun, but if its a tranquillizer i think it should just slow people or cripple their limbs, as after all this is a survival focused game, so take downs and other things like that should be heavily nerfed or nonexistent, these takedowns suit fast paced round based action games like TF2 or other similar titles.


I’m starting to get the impression that you really don’t read replies, you just read 2-3 lines.
Of course they won’t take all your stuff, they’ll take what they can carry from the most important loot down to the unimportant loot. It doesn’t even need to be said, that’s just common sense.

Right, food and clothes are basically worthless. Clothes you find everywhere and even in populated 3.0 servers, you still find enough food to sustain yourself. Not to max out your bars, but enough to keep you going. If he knocks you out and leaves you clothes and food, he’s just saved you about 5 minutes.

Are 5 minutes of searching for food and clothes in the nearest town good enough to justify an otherwise infuriating mechanic ? 1 minute of forced inactivity is not fun at all. And people can also just knock you out, wait for you to gain consciousness and knock you out again. You can’t escape that. You’ll have to quit the server and once you quit, your body will stay back and they’ll kill you.
The addition of this knockout mechanic benefit trolling and griefing more than anything else.


thats too much lines to read. summarize it into 3-4 lines and i will read it

Ignorance at it’s finest.
Alright, here it goes:

1: Most of your ideas are bad and many people disagree with your ideas
2: You easily dismiss any input and healthy debate.
3: Food and clothes are not hard to find, there’s almost no difference between a knockout and death.
4: Knock outs can be easily abused.

And by the time i wrote this reply, you could’ve easily read my full reply.
Nothing said here is meant to be taken personal, it’s meant to be taken as criticism, because that’s what it is.