When they drop the Unturned II public beta





When Nelson feels it is complete and ready to be “dropped”. There is no set release date or even a rough estimate from Nelson, so all you can go by is community estimates.


im just making my own meme here.


How is this a meme in any way shape or form…

(And anyways, if it were a meme, it should be properly tagged with the #meme tag)


idk how to put the little captions in the picture i suck at photo editing.


It is in the meme category. And how’s it not a meme? it may not be funny to you, but you don’t need to be a douchebag about it


but hey stutt do you think its a little funny? cuz it is relatable.


It wasn’t in the meme category when I first found it. And there’s a reason I have #meme as a muted tag.


because i just changed it after seeing ur post lmao.


How thee has’t #meme’s mut’d
i’ll has’t thy headeth on a sticketh
i’ll has’t thee excil’d


party pooper alert


tbh #meme is a real mixed bag

Some people post better memes than others.


Hello? Steam? Yeah this belongs to you


its funny to me !!


I feel like ‘mixed bag’ is an understatement. Majority of the “memes” here are just as unfunny as this one, if not even worse.


Well, my intent wasn’t to accurately roast the forum


eh i tried. im only 12 man.


dont let the big mean regulars bully you, they’re all plebs


the thing thats funny is that ur a regular but its not mean just coincidental laughs!


But you were infected long ago my brother. Let us take over this world.