When will we get to play Unturned II

Hi there Neslon <3
I am really thrilled to play the game… i dont care if its just by driving a car, i really love your work and i want to see it so badly :slight_smile:
The point of this is that i need a date of the time you relese BETA to players with 1000 hours in U3
I need something to keep me going. The only good game date that i know is cyberpunk and we still have more then half a year to go…

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I’ve heard it might get down to ~100 hours by the end of the year

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You will probably get to play the game/beta when the time is right.


July 19th 2019 is when the beta first became available to a large portion of the community, however before that on May 3rd 2019, forum regulars were given the opportunity to play test as well.

Players with 1000 will get it eventually

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end of what year? :slight_smile:

this year :slight_smile:

I think the playtime requirement might get down to 1k around november this year (I think it’s around 2000 right now, and Nelson wants to get it down to ~100 hours by the end of the year).
Regardless, you should end up getting beta access fairly soon.


When it is ready, you will get it.

At this rate, it is expected for 1000 hour recorded players to receive the invitation ticket for UII access before the end of the year.

Full public release would be in half a year or so, maybe sooner at the beginning of 2020.

Just be aware that estimated dates, even by the developer, may be prone to changes due to delays from technical problems or other miscellaneous issues.


Be patient my dear child


That’s big hype.


Well, guess it’s time to sit at the camp fire eating beans waiting for release.

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