Where are the new Canyon Arena extra's folder located?

title. The normal Unturned folder comes with an extras folder which has high-quality images of all items in the game. Where is this located for Canyon Arena? @Renaxon @danaby2

edit: And if it doesn’t exist, can you upload some photos of the guns?

I’m not sure but i know that most files for map specific things are in the actual map folder. (such as bundles). try checking there i guess

too late. already did. theres nothing special like the extra’s folder in there

Did you check the game’s extras folder? I’m pretty sure timed curated stuff goes in there too

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Individual maps don’t have such a folder. If you want the images, go in-game and run the tool to generate them like you can you vanilla or modded content.

Oh geez theres a tool? Where? How?

I went there and checked by most recent. I did not find anything remotely close to the revolver, sharps, DB, or anything alike near the top

Go to the Workshop menu and hit the corresponding Function key. I’m not in-game right now, but it is F3, F4, or F5 iirc.

I did it. Where did it output? What should it be called?

Try snooping around in the normal screenshots folder (somewhere in Steam’s userdata folder) for it. If it’s where screenshots go then I guess that may as well be where the item pictures would go.

You can generate icons yourself by pressing Shift+F1 in workshop tab.

It outputs to the Extras folder, with the rest of the icons.

here u go :smiley:


finally, some good fucking guns

finally, some good fucking guns


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