Where are we now?

It seemed just like yesterday that we were bursting with creative activity, making amazing and beautifully designed posts, memes and whatever people here kept on coming up with.

But that time is long gone, and now all we are left with are reposts, awful memes, and stagnation; and as a result, we are left scratching our heads, wondering how we got here.

The Forum is in a dire strait, and it suffered from a lot of things to reach this point, but it is by no means any singular person’s fault; but some, more than others may have been a catalyst for this result.

I don’t want to blame Nelson at all for the lack of “activity” on the Forum, but I felt it still needs to be said.

It’s not a secret that activity spikes after a devlog, and with the ever increasing gap between them, we run into the problem of not knowing what to post about. We wait to see what the new Turned will be, or what new mechanics there will be, so that we can analyze, critique, and yes, post about it.

I still want to be very clear that this is not Nelson’s fault, and I am perfectly content with the gaps between Devlogs; but as a result, it has made the Forum suffer a bit.

As of posting this, the Forum has 1888 members; which is a rather large number considering the “activity” that happens here. But, it shows that this is where all of the reposts come from.

I want to be clear that I have no problem with reposts, so long as you add something to it, but if all of your posts sound like an echo chamber, then it might be time to stop. I also don’t want to blame the newcomers, it’s sad that they have to join at such a depressive state, but the future is bright.

I know that once a more public beta/alpha is released, we will return to a more constructive state; but we must have patience for such a time to come.

As stated before, the Forum is in a weird puberty like state, where we we’ve already exhausted all of our potential ideas, but without a beta or even alpha, we can’t test these ideas in action and tweak it further.

My own activity has decreased dramatically (my last real post was in Nov '18) as has many others. Hell, I even made some posts poking fun at where the Forums are; but that’s not the point, I just wanted to point out my own personal thoughts on where the Forum is right now.

Feel free to post your thoughts/comments, I am curious to hear what you think about the Forum in it’s current state.

Anyways, here's Wonderwall



Finally someone says what has been on all of our minds. Thank you


Most people now are going to poke fun at me for this, but prior to my time in the SDG Forums, I was a serious regular of /r/unturned.

It was actually originally in quite a similar situation, as some of the others old subreddit vets from around here can verify. Sure there were a few bad memes occasionally, but they were mostly kept in check by genuine discussions and the occasional suggestion. Eventually though the quality saw a huge decline and shitposts exponentially increased, and by the time the SDG Forums came around the subreddit was an absolute mess. I silently revisited the sub a few times this year and everything seems to be completely down the gutter, with low quality memes/stolen reposts being almost the sole type of post present (and actually getting tons of upvotes too), and toxic circlejerking was abundant if not everywhere. I enjoyed /r/unturned a lot back in 2016-ish, before all of this, and I was sad to see it decline so much in quality.

However, I’d happily point out that the SDG Forums started out much better in that regard. People (for the most part) were posting quality content for the sake of encouraging the sharing of information around the community. Even the memes were hella dank (I would like to thank a certain timed curated arena map bundle owner for a good majority of them). A good chunk of the frequent users were well-educated on both U3 and UII, and there wasn’t any apparent circlejerking or elitism for the most part. Sure, maybe now things have burned out just a bit, but we’re not quite at the state of complete chaos/drama that /r/unturned is right now.

That being said, my personal journey on the forums has been fairly smooth, and I’m just happy to be included and encouraged around here. I share your concern 100%, and that’s why I believe we have the power to make the SDG Forums what we wish. It’s a duty of the individual, and a duty we all bear together.



Nice(10 characters)

It’s definitely been a dry month so far. I still have plenty of ideas for Forum posts, however, I’m quite busy with map projects at the moment, not to mention I’m more of a lurker. Though if it makes you happy I’ll get to work on making some posts.


I really do not like posting here tbh


As a former regular of both the Steam Forums and of r/unturned, I have seen the fall of both, and let me say that the SDG forums are following the very same curb. As the regulars of old who originally were making great content (for around 1-2 years) slow down in making suggestions, meme posts start popping up. Then, newcomers arrive and see the amount of memes being posted and start posting low quality content themselves. As memes hide old posts, reposted, redundant and already accepted suggestions prop up, along with a lot of off-topic posts which aren’t memes and are not related to Unturned start coming too.

Then, the same old people, who have been there from long ago and stayed, start to notice what is happening, they start to complain, they start to feel alienated from their own formely-beloved forum, and so on and so forth the cycle begins anew on a new platform.

The difference between the SDG forums and r/unturned and the Steam Forums is that here, all the regs of most major english-speaking communities have converged, so it is difficult to see what will happen now that everyone who moved from community to community are here and there is no new platform to go on when the fall begins. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a way to fix it.


See I would shitpost
But I don’t really have any shit memes atop my head

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I’ve been here for a good while now and this is the dryest I personally feel it has been, I know I’m supposed to be the cynical one here but since this is the dryest that means its only up from here fellas! I’ll be here taking that journey with yall, even if I’m not as active as I used to be.


Holy shit. We’ve already reached this era, huh?


we are in the dark ages the future regulars will look back on and talk about how thankful they are they weren’t there for it.

o/ hi future regulars


tbh the only positive side of article 13 is that all awful memes here and on reddit will be gone i guess xd

i am tired of just liking posts but saying nothing about them, this was the most dry month so far because of how dry the creativeness on this forum currently is, and yeah, memes. i know that we can’t be creative all the time, but for some reason i think some ideas are really low effort, like people are posting without really taking their time to think. (i know i am the biggest hypocrite of all time for saying this lmfao) there are such gaps between devlogs (and hell no i am perfectly okay with it, not blaming nelson or anything) and between this time you can notice a lot of non-interesting posts here.
i was enjoying being on this forum from the start, and i am mostly being sarcastic, making sarcastic comments which are nowhere near funny at all but at least before i knew what to say in the forum
but o no no, now there are much more posts that i don’t even know what they are supposed to mean, much more than before, especially some low effort memes. hell, there were some ideas that doesn’t even explain why it should be added, and what would happen if it was added. it’s like saying “FIX THE DAMN GAME” without saying how (idk i might be just bullshitting rn)
my activity has decreased drastically because uh, what i just said, i don’t know what to say or how to involve in this forum at all


i never actually wanted to make a post about all of this because chances that people weren’t thinking the same as me, so they would ‘talk shit about me’ were really high but



We can also look at this from an other perspective; Nelson, this game and we exist and we weren’t born in the dark ages c:


We leave…but not abandon!!!

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