Which era will Battlefield 2018 be set?

With Battlefield 2018’s reveal coming in June, what era do you think/want for the next battlefield?



  • Bad Company 3
  • Battlefield 2143
  • Cold War
  • Modern
  • Vietnam
  • WW2

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My Opinion

I hope that Battlefield 2018 will be another modern game, I loved Battlefield 3 and 4 and poured thousands of hours into both games on console and PC. I think Battlefield excels with its modern games more than anything else, and I miss flying helicopters :weary:

Cold War? Really?

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Ive never played the games so i just chose something random XD

It’s definitely going to be set in WW2, judging by all the leaks (which have been done by a guy who leaked BF1 correctly).

I personally would like to see an attempt at a new 2143. I think that’d be really cool, but it seems we’re getting WW2. I don’t really have a problem with that as automatics were more involved in WW2 over WW1 (which BF1 doesn’t recognize at all).

Perhaps Levelution will play a big part once more…
(Plus Classic BF1942 maps, maybe even a Berlin/Stalingrad based map)

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