Which mod hook works with a dropper?

hello, a question, is there a mod hook which changes the 3d model of an object when interacting with it and works like a dropper?

I was trying with the IOBS but I couldn’t get it to work since apparently it requires a different configuration in the .DAT and including the activation one

iirc I don’t believe the Dropper actually has states, which is likely why it doesn’t work with IOBS. This may need to be a feature request instead, rather than a support question.

ok thanks, I’ll use “destroy” for that while I wait for responses on the suggestion

You can get a similar effect by using “NpcGlobalEventHook”.



I’m not home this week, when I get back I’ll test it

so, i try to use it, but dont work properly, maybe i messed up with something but anyway thx

It works… globally :thinking:
as displayed by the box next to it.

Theoretically if you had separate object and event names for each box, you could make it work.


the hooks are linked directly to one of the models or it goes outside the models such as the “drop”?

If you add CollisionEventHook, the situation of full synchronization will be reduced. After all, it is very unlikely that there will be players near other objs when you use this obj. . . But I think the best way is to make it rubbery, or Binary_State, and then put the dropped items directly into the player’s bag.

I’ll try this out

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