Who are the tallest/smallest forum users?


i mean i have a pretty shitty posture normally so i look like a hunchback lol


Straighten out your fucking back.
I’m working on my posture too.


I’m trying to. My back is real fucked from gaming and working at an office desk all day


Get a standing desk.


1,90m,but I’m still 14,so,yeah.


That’s impressive, you might get even taller or just get a few more cm. I know a guy that ended up being like 2m but stopped growing at like 15-16. Welcome to the 1m90+ club !


I’m gonna cut you down to size.


6’3 too, I’m only 15 too. Suffice to say that people don’t like it.


Sixteen and I’m still 5’ 8"


lmao shortass


17, 1.88 Meters for the wierdos, and 6’2 for the Americans


Ironically yes


1.62cm, i can commit not life


You really would commit not life, as 1.62 cm is shorter than the length of the average human’s pinky toe.


1m78/5.8 feet


l’epique 173 superior units here

and for the burgerlanders I’m 5’8


@AnimaticFreak where did u collect all that height from


pretty sure I’m about 5’ 6"


5’9 when I’m standing up strait. I usually hunch so it’s usually 5’7


I just did dont question it