Who hates me

I have possibly created the most anime filled thread of all time. (on the forum anyways) called “absolute bs” or something similar.

So, do you all hate me now?

  • Absolutely
  • Negative.
  • Weebs are fine.

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Things i Liked about the Topic:
More things to jer off to
An Actual conversation with people

Things i hated about the topic
You making the topic

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‘Weebs should die’

~ Armaros, Pineridge’s resident lolicon weeb

I wanted to say both “Absolutely” and “Weebs are fine.”, but NO.
Apparently I cannot say both ‘I hate you’ and ‘Weebs are ok’.

says the guy who jerks off to anime ship tiddies :joy:

I mean fucking uhh

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