Why do we have to get into the car to access the trunk? Why don`t we have a transfer all shortcut key?

Why do we have to get into the car to access the trunk? Why dont`t we have a transfer all to x (locker) shortcut key instead of dragging (double clicking) 150 times?

Because 3.X doesn’t work like that

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why do you complain so much

just play the damn game

Shift + LMB to quick transfer iirc
Ctrl + LMB to quick drop/pickup
Ctrl + RMB to quick equip

bruh just alt f4 smh

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I ain’t complaining, I’m just asking.

What is a non-issue for 500 Alex

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Just use a locker and it functions identically to the trunk with the cost of adding bulk to the vehicle. However, the trunk can be good in scenarios when you can’t afford to leave the car to grab something out of storage, serves as a nice quick access for certain items.

We do lol

If there’s something that I would actually complain about this mechanism is the ignition.

I have no problem if I’m parked within my base and alone or if I’m scavenging somewhere as I usually leave the vehicle hidden afar.

But if I have hostiles around and cannot escape for I would get shot until the car explodes… the ignition will give away my presence when all I want is to access the trunk.

My playstyle is stealth and lone wolf :wolf: and I face group of three to eight all by myself, so being quiet :shushing_face: is something I care about.

use locker lol

Yeah, I attached the screenshot hoping people would look into it, the Ural has 4 lockers a generator, bulletproof glass and a weapon rack. Thanks for the replies though.

Ask nelson…

I think theres a mod for this so

problem solved

dude just put a locker on top of your car.