Why is my game lagging in large servers

I have good memory and a good gpu and cpu and all that other jazz, and my fps seems to be peaked by the server, same with everyone else.
I think its a bug but it might be a server thing, if any of you computer “nerds” can tell me that would be nice

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probably the ping is high.


First of with more people there is more stuff to render.
Just in general a bigger server with a bigger population makes more lag

And there is an option on rocket server’s to FPS Cap if i remember correctly.

One of my pet peeves is when people in troubleshooting/bug report posts go “my specs are good” without explicitly telling us what their specs are to begin with. It really doesn’t help us at all.

Please provide the specific component information of your device, and we can actually help you.


This might be because of RAM usage.

Bigger servers cause in general more RAM usage because of the way how Unturned manages workshop mods. If you do not have enough RAM, your PC will start to use the HDD instead which will cause tremendous lag, up to the point that your PC even freezes. Of course the CPU and GPU (unlikely) might also cause it.

Another reason why this happens might be that the server itself lags. In that case you can not do much about it and it will also lag for everyone.

Ok fine I have a Gtx 1080, 8gb ram, AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8 Core,
All though ram is low Task Manager says my ram is only being used 60% when playing

and you think you can’t host servers :thinking:

That sounds like more than enough RAM, CPU power, GPU power, and etc.

So this

paging argument is invalid.

Server lag =/= his FPS being low, as he mentioned

Apparently you never had memory get dumped to your HDD ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My mistake, didn’t read that its just his FPS.

I know how bad page filing is, I’m suggesting that his OS isn’t doing it to begin with because 8GB of RAM is more than enough for normal operation. Unless, maybe, it’s paging textures / not enough VRAM? But he has a 1080 - thats more than enough.


windows automatically sets a page file based on drive storage and ram.
my page file was set at 3gb even though i have 24gb of ram.
maybe he doesn’t use windows though, then i don’t know.

I use Windows 10

Just because your system sets aside 3GB of paging space doesn’t mean it’s actively using it. It only uses it when you run out of all 24GB’s of RAM

thanks for info

I’m also playing in an EU server if that affects anything and I live in the US

i know its not using my page file, my point is that windows will give you one anyway.

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