Wildlife, Hunting, Fishing, and Foraging [Long Post]

It doesn’t make sense how dead animals (currently in 3.0) would drop varied amounts of leather and meat, and of course, the cows drop milk cartons.

Why can’t the player get the full cut instead of a few large slices, which despite their size aren’t very filling; instead of milk cartons dropping upon a cow’s death, why isn’t the player able to milk the cow?

I’d say that the fact that you can get much more leather than meat, and the fact meat isn’t very filling nor numerous when it drops is probably what drives most away from using hunting as a manner to obtain food.

If you’ve played The Long Dark where you actually have to go up to the animal body and skin/gut/butcher the resources out of it with a knife or other tool, that’s basically what we’re aiming for here.

Also as per the 4.x Wishlist Trello, domestication of animals is planned, so milking cows is a real possibility.

Oh God… this is a long post… but the ideas are great even if there’s a ton of work to do.

You use an explosive arrow on a deer and half of that deer is gone.

Sure, but that’s Nelson’s job, not mine.

Harvesting maple syrup requires a spile, I’d say it’s more of an agricultural thing.

You’re right. Kelp only grows in salty and briney water, but I’m basing this off of the similar plant found in Subsistence. I could flipflop the names, but it’ll be weird with seaweed growing in freshwater and kelp growing in saltwater, so I just stuck with it.

That was my point.

What is your job? Why should we make any suggestions?

With how long it takes for a tree to mature, I doubt agriculture will involve planting orchards. Raspberries would be much more of an agricultural product than maples.

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Maple syrup is harvested in farms, no?

My job is a community member, not a gamedev. Nelson is the gamedev, therefore it is his job to implement everything.

So are coconuts, blue berries, and raspberries, that doesn’t mean they can’t be foraged. Those farms would be abandoned, and take decades to regrow.

No one told you to implement anything. You suggested something. I suggested that it could be improved.

Wow dude, this sound awesome.

The actual content of your post sounds best for a mod, since its so concentrated and focused on the hunting and foraging - it would be just too unbalanced to include it into Unturned, whose focus is more zombies, guns, and bases (or whatever, thats up for debate). But if you trimmed this idea down, or i dunno, if Nelson trimmed it down, then I think a lot of this stuff would be an awesome addition to any survival game, let alone Unturned 4.x.

Lets get this stuff in the game though. Sounds awesome, keep it up!

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Those calibers are just too widespread for a universal update to the game, though. Is there another way to work that out so that theres just a few different types of ammo thats easy to differentiate and understand the consequences of using the wrong round?

Well, no, Nelson has openly stated that Unturned II will be a hardcore survival game that shifts away from PvP. This suggestion also isn’t unbalanced, if anything it balances the laughably easy chore of survival we’ve known from 3.0. The focus is most certainly not on guns, that was 3.0’s job and we’ve had far too much of that for a long time. All survival aspects of the game require deep overhauls, which is why you see suggestions like this.

Not so. Does a skewer or knife ruin mean? An arrow is just a razor on a skewer that flies through the game causing blood loss. Buckshot is gross and tough to remove from meat but nothign of the arrow is left in game. However, the pulverized meat at and around a bullet wound is not very edible. A bullet causes trauma and that trauma does ruin a small portion of the meat.

Even experts avoid foraging for mushrooms. In practice it is nearly impossibly to reliably tell the deadly mushrooms from the edible ones consistantly. The girls and I just had a foraging class last fall led by a Wampanoag tribe member. A person asked about mushrooms and that was his answer almost verbatim. The only mushroom you can be sure of are the ones you cultivate yourself (or buy in the supermarket). Apparently he doesn’t even eat those.

No puffball fungus is poisonous, and they’re distinguishable from mushrooms, because they don’t have a stalk or gills.

Chicken of the woods is pretty identifiable. So it shittacki (don’t know the spelling), and portabella.

Shiitake Mushroom, and like @KingFrog said, Chicken of the Woods, not to mention the verious Morels, Orange Peel Mushroom, Oyester, and Giant Puffball, which is almost impossible to mistake for anything else.

A deer should die if you hit it in the chest… you are not meant to shoot a deer or moose in head… they die if you shoot for heart.

One can only convey a warning. The rest is up to the listener:

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