Will it live upto the hype?

unturned 2 was very exciting when first announced, and everything ive seen shows that it will be good, but do you think it will actually live upto the hype currently being given? or will it disappoint us?

I think this game is going to be even better than unturned and be probably the top free game on steam.


I think the real problem is that it doesn’t do a massive amount of anything new, it just does what was before really well, with some new features down the line but nothing that changes the way you play the game.

Still Unturned is a good game so a more polished and optimised game would be great

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Nothing new? The amount of customization already seen is nothing like I’ve seen, and I’m not just talking about the guns, the amount already in the editor alone is astonishing.

UII will also completely differ in how you play the game, considering it’s more PvE and survival centric gameplay.


Exactly It will be easier to see small communities on servers with collector soldiers and so on.

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I wouldn’t say it be the Top of free games, but it would definitely reach the top 10 free games

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pretty sure its the 6th or 7th most popular free game.

very true. still exciting, but nothing much is going to be different other than the look

that would be amazing. ive always enjoyed making communities in unturned 3.0, but wasn’t as easy with more pvp aimed gameplay. hopefully the pve aspect works out

its a great well known game, i dont see why unturned 2 with all the upgrades wouldnt make it up higher

nothing ever lives up to the hype lol

its sadly true lol

I think not. Sure, it could look great on the surface for any normal, average player, but as I’ve seen, it’s going to be the same crummy way it always has been behind-the-scenes. I see Nelson making the same exact mistakes he made in 3.0 coming to 4.0, which will severely limit the potential for 4.0’s greatness. All of it’s a bit too complicated to go into detail, though.

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you sure about that?


What kind of mistakes? You can dm me if you want

sadly i can see this as well

wtf are these mistakes? he rushed into 3.0 because people wanted it so much, and it was buggy and irreparable because of that. Nelson isn’t rushing into 4.0 this time, hes taking time to make the game stable and adjustable far into development.

i think you answered your own question

That’s pretty poor or invalid, considering that the new game hasn’t had a actual beta yet and it’s still over a year that we didn’t get one since the first announcement from 2017, proving that he isn’t rushing it


the game has great potential, just i think there are aspects that will be buggy, for sure i think he can fix everything up. but right on release its not going to be perfect