Will it live upto the hype?


Of course it isnt, but you guys are acting like it will be made awful to the point it can’t be repaired like 3.0


Well I was going to create a video regarding why, but I never got to that. sorry. here’s an outline of what the video was going to be, since you’re interested. It’s very rough, obviously incomplete, and lacks links to evidence


Alright sorry, but I’m going to stop reading where I am. First of all, most of what I skimmed through was talking about how not having rocketmod will ruin the game. My counter to that? Nelson is making 4.0 be completely and utterly modable. If you want to have p2w servers, you can download mods that help you make those. Hell, if Nelson does it this way, you won’t even need to pay for a while ton of plugins.

I’ll edit this as I read more. As I decided to keep reading.

Edit, though I have to say you set this up pretty gud.

Edit 2. Okay, now that I’m actually reading the part you would have said in the video, it sounds completely opposite to what the outline before said.

Brain hurtie


you my good sir, completely missed the point. I wonder why.

Rocketmod and it’s creator (Sven) is merely an example of the kind of behaviour Nelson tolerates, and Nelson directly let someone like Sven get this much power in the community. At this point Sven could, quite literally, ban me off of my own servers for no reason. I don’t appreciate the thought of that. And theres plenty of other things he has done that I highlighted there.


Sorry, was reading the outline before the text, and it appeared that you were upset about rocket mod not being in U2, I typed that before I reached the main part.


I think this conversation should go to DM’s so we don’t take up the thread anymore. But I’m in no way upset about rmod not coming to U2. If U2 is going to be perfect, it won’t need a third party plugin API for plugin devs to create successful, great plugins.

oof. you’re jumping ahead a bit lol


Sounds gud.


ok after reading it, it seems like you dont disagree with the game. you disagree with the people who will/can create tools to harass /overpower others. and in your opinion you think that will ruin the game?


i think unturned should also be set up well enough that 3rd party plugins wont be needed either


if you guys want, i can make a new topic where we can talk ab this. cuz im honestly interested on this topic




I think the creator of the game lending so much power that can be abused to people of the community will inevitably lead to abuse, as evidenced by Sven’s abuse. This and other various things can create a snowball effect that we all see now-a-days in Unturned. The serverlist is filled with P2W clickbait for-profit servers and etc. There’s also the unfair p2w servers themselves, which Nelson failed to address or really do much against. Unturned is a big, free steam game that most people on steam usually get. It’s in the top 10 - It should have more professional measures and be taken seriously.

Other games purposefully restrict community-based servers in efforts to create quality-control amongst servers and prevent unfair or abusive servers. Other games like Minecraft /w Mojang have taken efforts to regulate or prevent servers from being so manipulative and abusive and unfair.

Hell, Hypixel (a major, large minecraft server) made so much money that they made their own game - https://www.hytale.com/


its true, there should be atleast a group from unturned/u2 that will watch for mods/ servers becoming too OP and money hungry. cuz it is very open for abuse

very much so, even with communities like this form to help with the process


eh… sorta… like that… I guess. Not my words though :^)

Yeah, rightfully so.


You probably could have just told us rocket mod would have caused a plague of pay to win servers appear so we could have a vague idea . Looks like a good video though, think it would be better if you told us what would prevent this in 4


It dosent need to do too much new its got a good formula down, a game with a hardcore survival experience alot to consider to survive along with base building solid PVE PVP and mechanics with the exploration and challenges the map itself provides thats already a good mix all you just need to refine it. Lets focus on refining the stuff we already got here then move on to adding new stuff