Will items/gear from 3.0 will be in 4.0

Will items/gear from 3.0 will be in 4.0 EX: horde beacon, compass, explosive bubble gum.

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Well the compass is very usefull and is likely coming back. Horde beacons can be used to raid bases that are close to towns, so I’m not sure about that, and explosive bubble gum is… weird.

The compass is a universal tool in survival games.

The other two I think will stay in 3.0.

Explosive bubble gum was only added as a joke for Suicide Bombing to keep it kid-friendly and not adding a full on bomb vest.
Horde Beacon was exploited many times to get high tier loot in a few minutes. So probably not

Explosive bubble gum is just a gimmick item for jokes and terrorist-related strats. Horde beacon is a sad replacement for the abandoned horde mode

Pretty much anything worthy of coming back according to the main theme will return.

I mean of course guns will return. And vehicles, but the weaponized ones are uncertain

the explosive gum is useless, it doesn’t even kill the person standing next to you. Thats why in your creative server you dont see someone named “usmc spedboi” with a hermes helmet that is running around as fast as sanic blowing people up with gum.

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It does tho.
I tried it.
The thing is that you’re dead before you reach them cuz they have guns and you’re using gum.
It does work on bitch ass snipers who camp near a tree and snipe people with infinite ammo.

So I respawn, get behind them and eat up

huhh that’s strange, because when I was using my “usmc spedboi” character with a Hermes helmet running as fast as sanic it would always leave them at 2 hp even if I was lying on top of them. I guess it was patched? or my Hermes helmet absorbs all the boom (lel)

i lierally just loaded up

and I was literally right next to them but they didn’t die. I confirmed with them they had 2 hp. My spedboi dreams are gone :(. Back to the topic, exploding chewing gum or suicide vests shouldn’t be in unturned 4

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