Will Pineridge be a town inside the map or the map name?

It looks like a town in the picture on Devlog #008, but I am not sure.

Maybe… both?

It is both a map and a town.

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Pineridge is essentially the Unturned II equivalent of Devtest_1. So I’d expect it to be a one-town map (albeit a clearly much larger one).

The name of the map is definitely Pineridge.

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I wonder if I’ll eventually be a arena map…

I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m unsure of how Nelson wants to take the arena game mode. Unturned 3’s official arena maps are basically a battle royale of sorts, while its timed curated ones by Danaby are quicker-paced and designed similar to (for example) CS:GO maps.

Personally, I really enjoy Danaby’s way of handling the arena mode. I think part of the problem with the official maps (excluding Paintball Arena?) is that they just don’t have decent enough systems in place to function like a good battle royale should.

Hopefully Unturned II’s arena mode doesn’t have the same problems that Unturned 3 does currently, so both takes on arena feel good to play.

I don’t think he want’s to launch his new survival game, with an arena map. Would noy be logic.

Nelson: “Hey guys look this is unturned II, a new survival sandbox game!”
Available maps: Pineridge arena

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Eh, Peedeoo said “eventually.” Kinda like how Devtest eventually came an arena map 478 days down the line.

But then you said “I wouldn’t be surprised”, meaning that you could expect something like that. My response is actually related to both of you, but still I was jus saying

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pineridge eventually had an arena mode version of it similar to how PEI has PEI Arena and Washington has Washington Arena.

Or if Pineridge is a temporary test map, then I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed and then readded a year later as Pineridge Arena similar to Alpha Valley.

I don’t think Peedeeo was suggesting the game would launch with only Pineridge Arena as a map. Arena is incredibly low priority anyways. I’d expect Fiffe’s mod to come out first.

Of course it won’t be at the start
After survival kicks off, the arena will pop out
That’s my theory at least

Well the way you said it, made me think that you ment that the arena mode could be the main thing.

Well in the past, 3.0 actually came out with that devtest map that at the end of the day it’s some sort of arena mode, even if it didn’t had lobby or the killing area closing in. There wasn’t much about survival, it was more about fighting. Maybe this is what Molt was talking about.

Secret team that Nelson visited exposed :smiley:

I wish, haha :wink:

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