Will there be a lot of mod support for Unturned 2?

Please, for Unturned 2 I really want for the modding side to be expanded. It was overall the best part of the game. The many different guns and vehicles, the different clothes and maps are really cool, and I think it would be even better if Unturned 2 would allow for easier plugins and stuff. I remember Bootleg RP and how fun it was, and all of the other RP games. Please, just add better modding support as it is pretty much the only thing that kept the game new and fun.


probably .



I would argue that U4 already has superior modding support both short-term and long-term than U3. A lot of the demo maps in U4 currently were originally implemented as mods, if that helps give you a point of reference. U4 is built with modability in mind.


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