Will there be ANY familiar weapons?

What I’m asking is if there will be any familiar weapons like shadowstalker or hells fury. things like that


I mean theres bound to be familiar weapons, what I’m hoping is that the really “cool” ones get some sort of debuffs with them so you don’t just mow everything in your path down. As I keep saying- 4.0 is going to be more survival centric than 3.0, so while there are obviously going to be guns, they will be handled differently.


Probably, since the Eaglefire has already been added (despite being an M4A1 in 4.x), and the G19 may end up being similar to the Cobra.

So, yeah. Most likely, although there’s possibly not going to be as many as in Unturned 3 currently, and it’s probable not every gun is going to return.


There’s actually a pistol ingame that hasn’t been showcased, but you can see it in the second devlog on the ground.

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Those are the G19s, which were made for testing dual-wielding. I didn’t realize they were shown on that devlog though.


Thought so, wonder why he hasn’t showcased them yet.

tl;dr: they’re not done 'cuz not relevant atm

Dual-wielding is low-priority, so there’s no reason to showcase them yet. Content so far has only been added for mechanics that would need an item (and its more efficient to make a reusable animation now that later), not just for “more content.” It’ll most likely be shown off whenever dual-wielding is completed and shown, which could be in Devlog #006 or #007, or even later.

Unless he decides to just show a close-up of the model off early because why not. They don’t even have proper animations yet though, or audio.

I believe it’s safe to assume we’ll be getting stuff like the Peacemaker, Maplestrike, Matamorez, Zube, etc in hopefully more balanced (and somewhat more realistic, don’t even get me started on the current Zube or Mata stats).
We’ll probably see similar, but slightly changed weapons in 4.0. The Hawkhound may be a different weapon that acts similarly, for example.

Weapons based on mainstream weapons are most likely to return. Eaglefire became an M4A1, so yeah that’s what I assume.

As the above has said, returning weapons may be different to their 3.0 counterpart.

There might be replacements. For example, the first sniper might be an M24 instead of the Timberwolf if the first map will be based around USA (Unless he’s going for a fictional place)

Since the Shadowstalker came up in the OP, can we get it back with the green rings muzzle effect? :frowning:

That’s familiar to me! :smiley:

Yes but honestly i think the best course of action is to not make all guns essentially strait upgrades and take inspiration for how tf2 handles weapons and how weapons are in real life there uselessly strait upgrades but eventually you get to the point where they cant get any better without specializing and sacrificing something in turn

I’m sure Unturned already does it originally. Civilian weapons are easier to maintain and inexpensive while Military are costly but powerful. Ranger is pretty much in-between, sometimes an alternative choice to military. For example, Hawkhound is weaker than Timberwolf but most of the time it has the same amount of shots required to kill a playe.

When progression is much more punishing in terms of looting in 4.0, this kind of trend would work out pretty well. It didn’t go exactly to plan in 3.0 when more guns were added and balance became out of hand.

Remember Unturned is not an FPS game, so there’s no need to sidegrade everything like what TF2 does. There would already be reasons to use a civilian hunting rifle over a military sniper rifle

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There should definitely be cases where a gun stat-wise is an upgrade to another gun. Ammo would be the main balancing factor in those cases. Side grades should really only happen for similar weapons. An example would be two epic rarity military grade 5.56 assault rifles having different stats that ultimately balance them out with each other. One might have a higher fire rate but less accuracy, while the other is slower, but has less recoil and better accuracy (and maybe higher damage? I’m not quite sure how I feel about multiple weapons that use the same caliber having different damage, but idk). Meanwhile, some sort of civilian semi auto 20 round ar would not have automatic, worse damage, and overall meh stats, but it’d have the advantage of taking civilian ammo (or maybe .223?). I think Nelson’s idea of different bullets having different damage values is a pretty good idea, so there could perhaps be a difference between 5.56 and 2.23, but the advantage of the later would be it being more common.

Although notable, caliber plays a minor part in determining the damage of a bullet. In reality, its based on the science of terminal ballistics.

It would make some sense for weapons of the same caliber having different damage. Although, depending on how Nelson wants to handle ballistics, something similar could technically be achieved without having different base damage values, if he wanted caliber to play that big of a role.

so will there be any of the legendary machine guns or shadowstalker? man, i can’t get this in my head!

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The answer is: it’s possible that the Shadowstalker and Hell’s Fury might make a return at some point, yes. The Shadowstalker is really just a lore-based item though, so it’d depend on how Nelson wants to redo the storyline for 4.

And if the Hell’s Fury is re-added, I totally see it inflicting a movement penalty upon the player when held.

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