Will Unturned 4.0 be a sperate game then 1-3.0's?

Simply put, if we have the game now, will we receve the 4.0 upgrade?

Or is it going to be sprate game, as in not free to play with a pricetag?

Or even both? Unturned is adjusted to have a price tag and all origital owners have the game, any newcomers will pay the tag?

Just a qestion asking to be ansered.

And is it even going to be called 4.0 at that time? Slight change up, whole new name, exa?

Since Nelson wants 3.0 saves and other metadata to be intact when 4.0 hits, it will most likely be its own game.

That being said, I very much doubt Nelson would put a pricetag on the game. He makes these games because he enjoys creating them, and simply gives people the option to support him.


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