Will Unturned II come to consoles?

Will Unturned II come to consoles? If yes will it have cross play system? ( I hope yes), I know that Nelson said that this would be a hard task for a solo developer, but his thoughts may ha e changed since that time.

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Last I’ve heard he’s making controller support a priority in UII, but as for coming to consoles themselves it adds a lot of logistics into making the game run on 3 or 4 consoles and deal with red tape and how to update on each platform as opposed to keeping it on PC, especially for a solo Dev.


That’d be pretty cool but for this game I think that would be pretty hard.

Currently there are no plans for this, but he said or at least hinted that he would not be the one to do the postage for consoles, maybe if some company contacts him I would bet on microsoft, microsoft always pays more attention to indie games and because we saw, unturned have a HUGE potential, such a partnership would support Nelson in many ways (If it happens.)

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The game has already been prototyped BEFORE consoles have been made.

Now imagine reworking that for consoles? It took big studios like Daybreak 3+ years to do that with games like Planetside 2.

Because of the complexity of the game and the game engine. I imagine something like Unreal or Unity are better and easier to port into consoles than other games.

Ask me how I know that you have no idea what you are on about

maybe in 2025

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