Will we see NPCs or Zombies in devlog # 20?

The devlog 20 is already very close since it would come out at the end of April but probably only at the beginning of May, it will come together with the combat demo and nothing better to test the combat than with enemies, then we will see zombies or NPCs in Devlog # 20 , or just a firing range to test the weapons?

From what it seems, it will be a very basic combat demo.

I really wouldn’t expect the Turned, let alone NPCs until a much later date.


Their will be multiplayer, 2 game modes, 2 maps, guns, inventory, and maybe early modding capabilities.

Considering enemy ai already exists as seen in D18, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was expanded upon and could be found in the combat demo. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we had our first look at npcs that fire at the player. I doubt we will see any figured out designs for the Turned though since that is something that Nelson will likely end up spending a ton of time on.