Winning A Map

I know your looking at this and thinking what an idiot this is so broken, the server would have to end.
And they’re right the server would end or at least reset, but is the server finishing a bad thing? There isn’t all that much to do in Unturned so map objectives would put a lot more focus and variety into the game. Of course they’re will be an unending classic mode as default for KOS and casual servers, though there are some objectives that can be modified for an endless game by completion with a resource or tech bonus instead so we’ll finally have an endgame beyond spawn killing.
Winning the map is mostly intended for single player, role play or friend group servers, where everyone is focused on completing the map. After this is done they can reset or terminate the server.
This can be a minor update or a big feature depending on the the priority. A simple version of this is a list of things to grab spread out across the map in tricky locations, but this is straightforward to expand afterwards and I expect the community would make many mods for this.

The main objective for endless mode will likely involve clearing out the infested in some kind of building like a water purification plant, and repairing it with resources and skills. This will give enough water from to the player or faction who owns it for them to have enough to drink and to trade with the rest of the server. This will be balanced by a need to defend this from a horde of zombies every full moon who will try to re infest and destroy any equipment. This can be countered by building defences like automated turrets, traps, barricades and any members of the faction who are online to defend, which makes it only for mid-endgame factions or players. This should reset to equilibrium after a couple full moons without maintaining defences but players should be able to be offline during a wave and not lose the building due to automated turrets, though more repairs will be necessary. This will also make player factions more interesting as they battle for control of points across the map.
There are plenty of buildings for this, power stations could power up all the power lines on the map, radio towers could be for air supply drops and spying on enemy factions, advanced science labs could contain workshops for advanced crafting like power armour and medicines, moonshine brewery for alcohol(its just fun). Some will only be possible for large factions(like making power armours) or others for a single player(radio towers).
This also suits the map completion objectives, an example is a quest to make a vaccine in which you need to defend labs and keep the analysing machines full of zombie tissue samples for long enough to make a vaccine.
The lore reason for zombies attacking the plant would likely be electric signals making them angry like a fire ant. This opens up the possibility that the players electrical systems at there own base could be targeted, so even players that can’t take buildings from enemy players could interact with the wave system. players would likely live near or in the plant to defend their stuff more easily but the robustness of defences and faction members should make it possible to only defend one.

Edit: oops I forgot about excursion objective’s, I still think it could work though.
thanks to great hero for reminding me.

The obvious one is to defeat a boss like in the Hawaii map but there are other ones like penetrating deep into a government bunker for secret technology, or information on the spread of the infection for a lore faction.
There is also the classic quest style we got from NPC’s in 3.0 which could give multi objective map campaigns.
just getting across the map could be tricky depending on the design of 4.0. which would set up the possibility for a quest to get to the boat back into civilisation.

Well RIP 2 hours of my life I cant believe I spent so long on a stupid post but I hope you enjoy it.

Id like to credit getting idea to a reply I saw but I cant be bothered finding it.


I do think this could actually be pretty good if implemented correctly. Having locations to not only fight over but that also gives you some perk is a good idea. At the same time you gotta make sure it’s not too overpowered stuff that you get given

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what is this mess?!?! lol, just kidding. i actually like the idea, especially if the idea applied to RP server. there should be objectives for role that we choose. for example, police : defends bank if there is a robbery and catching.killing bandits. bandit : takes control of the bank, etc, kidnap people. blacksmith : sell item that they built as much as they can. and if the server reset we will get info/report who are better for doing their job, like who is the better selling between the blacksmith. for the cop and bandits : how much they can save the hostage and how much they can rob money. sorry for my bad English.

I think you haven’t heard of, but probably would be very interested in the already confirmed concept of excursions for UII.

Players can travel to the alternative reality where the Turned originated through “excursions.” Excursions take place in one of the very dark and overgrown frontier fortified complexes. The objective is to enter, loot, and extract as quickly as possible. The alternate reality is planned to exist in a manner similar to the Upside Down in Stranger Things.


I did actually, these were designed to complement it.
Thanks though, Ill see if I can edit the post to mention that

hmm seems most people are interested in the endless aspect of it, maybe I should devote an entire topic to it?

i mean do you want


someone already devoted an entire topic to that, they kind of butchered it though :frowning:
kind of wondering if I should make my own post still.

By that you mean the “capturing areas” topic?

yes exactly, I’ve decided to make my own post now
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