Winter Devblog #3

Its been awhile! Since I got my new more powerful pc, I have been hard at work. If you want to see screenshots, they will be at the end.
Stuff I’ve changed:
Airport to Military Base
Furnished a majority of the South Side
Changed a lot of the north and south side
furnished some locations but not fully
changed landscape
expanded caves
Added green to south side of map
Added Burned Town
added secret scorp- [REDACTED]
Added sewer to north
furnished some of the subway in the north
fixed coalition area of north
Changed some Quarry stuff
Renamed Almost All locations
Removed mini mining town



I also hit 102 subs on my yt (I have streamed me making this map) [My Yotube]
That’ll be it for this update, enjoy! (I also started the private beta but its in v1.0.12 and the map version is in 1.3.1 (15+ version difference))


Rotate these Containers.


What is the point of rotating that?

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Literally every other map rotates them, including official, it looks 20x better when you do.

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Realistically, if an apoc happens who the hell is going to go around smashing up and pushing around 100-ton metal containers?

I think he just meant to rotate them 180 degrees. It makes the whole side look more random and generally bit better looking than having all doors on one side.


anarchists and graffiti artists


It could be due to slight displacement.
And if it’s not, then I was there with my killdozer making what’s called an epic gamer move.

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