"wiped .. ago" in server browser suggestion

Very self-explaining.

A lot of players enjoy freshly wiped servers, and finding those without an official implementation of a wiped section is a pain. It would not only encourage players to find new & unknown servers but also encourage non-p2w servers, as they are usually the ones not being wiped alot. Loads of players don’t like the fact they join any server and just get bashed by full geards, no chance to gear up themselves properly.

It would only count as wiped when players’ data + map data are completely fresh created. From a development view, the creation date of the first player file & map file in the server folder could be taken to determine when the “wipe” happened.

In my opinion, this is a must-have feature, looking at how successful it works in games like Rust for example.


As an addition: The version with new server browser could be added to a seperate build, or toggable in the preferences files for the beginning. This allows people to see how it is and how well it works.

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It will be very nice addition. Finding some fresh servers is a pain in the ass sometimes, especially the ones with Elver and Kuwait maps.

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