Wondering if South Africa or Egypt would be a good map

Hey guys. I’ve never really been that into map creation, but have recently gotten better at making custom objects and stuff. I want to make a map that is different from all the other official/curated ones. My question is: Would South Africa or Egypt be good maps, and if so which one? They are both mostly desert but have green parts as well (Egypt’s Nile and SA’s coastline).

Why Egypt would be interesting

I think that Egypt would be would be interesting with the pyramids (maybe there are a S-7 experiments in them?). Another POI would be the Nile running through the centre (ish) of the map, surrounded by vegetation and cities.

Why SA would be interesting

Although SA doesn’t have that much to offer, Table Mountain could be an interesting spot. Maybe there is a Coalition base at the top, or maybe a whole new faction of survivors. I also have family ties to SA, so it would mean more to me.

Thanks for any input you may give me.

  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Can’t decide which
  • Neither of them are good ideas, try something else

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Try making a map that’s more related to you. I think that it would help you stay motivated while working on it and capture things in the area that only you may of noticed.

With that being said, go for South Africa, Egypt is well and all but deserts are hard to do, not to mention that it’s ‘already being made’ so it might be a waste of time.

Good luck!


Thanks for the input! Who is making the Egypt map?

I think that’s @Leprechan12 and co., if they’re still even working on it?

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More like trying to, we’re mainly focusing on Rio right now. I will say “we” at least have the terrain layout done.
(Mostly just me working on it)


I’m thinking that I will do SA. It will probably be a medium map, because there isn’t much you can do with desert…

Just go australia


How about a Finland map?

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that would be fun

I really like the both the ideas. Nepal or Japan wouldn’t be bad either.


I live there…

Very good ideas! Unique and interesting. Probably beyond my skill level though…

maybe now but one day…

Anything that is not Europe or USA is good in my book. They’ve been overdone to hell. I’d prefer Egypt, since the Nile river can make an interesting and unique map layout.


I saw a Nevada map back in a while not sure what happened to it but it really seemed like a decent map

South Africa seems good if you’re planning on making a map like Washington where it’s more of a general area. You could add some new items and objects but wouldn’t need anything over the top. If you’re going to for custom stuff and cool landmarks, then Egypt would be a better choice, but I guess thats just bias from history class. Not sure if this matters but something really cool to do would be Australia.

Thanks for the input! I actually live in Aus so I really want it as well. However you would have to add lots of custom mobs (kangaroos etc.) and heat damage similar to freezing damage in Yukon.

South Africa has pretty cool guns!

Setting a real-life geographical locations as a focal point of your map is not always good idea. Surely enough it’s nice to have something on your mind as inspiration but making a map not named after a real country gives you much more freedom and doesn’t give people any expectations (people complaining that grass is different color irl in that country etc).

Map set somewhere in Africa would be great idea, I would personally love to do something like that. There’s a whole lot of options to choose from.


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