Workbenchs and Machines

you are favor to add one or more workbenches, Time to craft , And Blueprints? Well i am and i go explain fastely because its 23:30h !

first i go explain how workbenchs go work

Placed in a claimed area workbenches go be userfull to craft itens more complex in a specify context for example

a workbench to make Weapon Parts…
a workbench to make Machines…

And other things

Timing to craft

that go reduce griefing on servers, a thing than peoples conserve is time, you just go use this time for a good reason (Well… I wait)

Blue Prints

in my idea its more natural a process of progress on servers, that go incentive formation of groups, to hunt other groups with itens to had blue prints better…

someone already suggested pretty much this but better yesterday
more workbenches doesn’t mean more depth, you are basically suggesting rust mixed with terraria.

ps please proofread posts before posting

good sir there’s no point in telling someone who doesnt speak english to proofread their post, they dont understand english gammer in the first place



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