Workshop Error Log k_EResultInsufficientPrivilege


when i try to upload a skin with a different mesh i put the .obj with .mtl and the albedo.png file in a folder inside a folder. This one i choose for the collection path. image path is a picture.png and i choose a skin (i made one for the shovel - there is no option for that so i just take a random one). When i hit create i get the message “failed to upload” and in the error log the error “Failed to create item because: k_EResultIsufficientPrivilege”. Can sb help me?

edit: the other mesh shouldn’t be a problem because i tryed it with just the albedo and got the same error


As the error message says,

there’s insufficient privilege to the file location.


thank you, this helps to understand it. (hopefully:grimacing:)
So unturned hasn’t the permission to read the folders?
Sorry for asking but how can I change it?

edit: My brother suggested to open Unturned as admin and with that I tried various locations on my two drives. Didn’t work :frowning:

edit edit: reinstalling, restarting, relocation also didn’t work


At what file locations (actual file paths?) have you tried from?


I tryed it with the old and new Skin uploader. the problem with the new uploader is that it can’t find the second drive:
(maybe this is a clue)

on D: i just created the folder (D:), on C: I tryed it in the “regular” documents folder (C:\Users[my-name]\Documents), the onedrive documents folder (C:\Users[my-name]\OneDrive\Dokumente), just on the drive (C:).


Okay, now I tryed it on a completely different PC - the same problem. Does anyone else experience the same problem? Or could it be a problem with my SteamAccount?