Workspace stations (like in Fallout 4)

So, my suggestion is to add some sort of workspaces like in Fallout 4, but not to copy them, there would be different ones and with different destination. First one that I came up with, is painting station - small table with light and paint, and a 2x2 room, let’s say a garage, where you could paint bigger things or even vehicles. And not to simply copy&paste .png’s or .jpg’s onto a item, you would need to draw it yourself, and to make it more interesting, you would need to find some sort of device (let’s say a phone or notebook), and connectable usb antenna that you could connect to and make online upload of you camo for specific item. Just want to get some sort of skins to 4.0 in a unique way.


You would have to be able to make a workstation because people would just make a base around the workstation so nobody else can use it.


Yeah, pretty much. Other than that this sounds like a good idea.

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Of course craftable. Or maybe make non-building zones like in Rust, so they could not be covered by someone’s base.


Those types of zones wouldn’t work because large clan bases can just go around and stop anyone from entering.

They would be destroyed fast. Like in Rust servers with big rates no one really covers RT’s, just because the amount of resources you need.

Exactly. Have them craftable, maybe sprinkle a few existing ones around the map.

I think the idea is very good. But I’m afraid of what the players would draw.

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