Worktable/Arrow/items suggestion for 4.x

1.Add a basic worktable
Used to craft some items that can’t craft by bare-hand
Synthesis method:Metal sheet5+Metal bar10(If 4.x have these items)
PS:Worktable replace several function of blowtorch,because 3.x used to craft a lot of items by it(such as Horde beacon,so ridiculers)
2.Perfect a worktable
Place more tools on worktable,unlock more blueprint by it.
Blowtorch(Already appeared in 3.x,placed to machining metal stuffes
Toolbox:(Need to add in 4.x,includes drills,nail guns,Abrader,wrench,Screwdriver,Pliers,etc. Spawn at Hardware store or tool store,common.After placed it.Players can craft/machining cold weapons
Lathe(Need to add in 4.x,only spawn at military factory,rare.After placed lathe,worktable would have a new appearance.Craft/fix semi weapon.
Computer(Need to add in 4.x,computer id a very precise item,only spawn at lab,military factory,military camp,epic.Place a computer on a “Lathe have worktable” to craft/fix auto weapon,and craft weapon attachments.Computer on a non-lathe-having worktable is useless.
3.Secret arrow
Player can craft more silent missile
The gallbladder of the zombie(Need to be add in 4.x,can collect from zombies.Smear it on arrow/cold weapon,to make next atk with -50%Infection value)
Acid zombie’s gastric juice(Need to add in 4.x,collect from acid zombies.Need to obtain by a container.Can craft acid grenade/acid arrow.
Acid grenade(Need to be add in 4.x,use acid+leather+can,throw out to make target area being “acid” for a while.Reference resources acid zombie’s spray time.
Acid arrow(Need to be add in 4.x,use Acid grenade+arrow to craft,can be shoot to farther place.Same effect with acid grenade,can’t be recovery cause it’s corrosion.
Arrow(Already appear in 3.x,can be collect/craft in 4.x
Electric shock arrow(Need to be add in 4.x,use Vehicle battery+can+arrow to craft.With electric shock just like electric boss.Can shoot really far.Ballistic drooping.There is an apparent glowing appearance,so in dark,others can clearly see the shooter and flying arrow.Cannot be recovery because it destroy by itself)
Phantom arrow(Need to be add in 4.x,use berry+wooden stick to craft.Fit bird/animal hunting,if be hitten player didn’t have highest immune skill it will sink in hallucination.Be hitten animals will be staying right where they were stop running and hanging around.The player with highest immune skill’s player and zombie(possible)They will be hurt only a little bit,and would not sink in hallucination.Phantom arrow can’t be recovery,cause it’s broken.
Burning arrow(Need to be add in 4.x,use cloth+arrow to craft.Enhanced arrow,20% higher damage than basic arrow.Hundred percent to be bleeding.It has a faint glowing appearance.Can be seen in the dark.Can’t be recovery cause it burned.Ps:Why bleeding?Cause non suitable burning buff in game,if it has that’s better.)
4.Close-in weapon attachments
Player can craft close-in weapon attachments in game,it can be attach on weapons.
Each weapon can attach one on it,epic&legend can attach two.
After attach,weapons divert a corresponding ray of light.Luminance reference flare.
Toxic attachment(Need to be add in 4.x,use zombie’s gallbladder+vaccine to craft.Compared to smear gallbladder right on weapon,this is more economize.Weapon with toxic can -50% infection at each atk,only to the player,with green light.
Flame attachment(Need to be add in 4.x,use gascan+raw explosive+vaccine to craft.This is a really insane attachment,the weapon with flame attachment will be blast like burner each time atk.It will hurt target and player itself.Do not use it to hurt zombie.Cause it’ll burn them up like burner.With red light.
Electric attachment(Need to be add in 4.x,use vehicle battery+vaccine to craft.Really cool attach.Weapon with it each atk would make target bleed.Only effective to players.With conspicuous white light.
Noise attachment(Need to be add in 4.x,use radio+vaccine to craft.The weapon with noise attachment will make noise like auto rifle each time.Attract zombies nearby.Perhaps scared/attract players nearby.With yellow light.

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Add a basic worktable.

Add a basic worktable, which would be used to craft some items that cannot be crafted otherwise by hand.
It is crafted from five metal sheets and ten metal bars.

Upgrade basic worktables.

Allow upgrading your basic worktable. By placing more tools on the worktable, you unlock more crafting blueprints at that worktable. The worktable also changes appearance as you place more tools on it.

Compatible tools include: the blowtorch, toolbox, lathe, and computer.

  • The blowtorch is used for machining metal items.

  • The toolbox allows for crafting weapons that don’t use fire or explosives (basically, weapons that aren’t firearms). It spawns at hardware stores.

  • The lathe can only be obtained from military factories. It allows for crafting and repairing semi-automatic weapons.

  • The computer can only be placed on a worktable that at least has a lathe on it already. It only spawns at military factories and encampments, and laboratories. The computer allows for crafting and repairing automatic weapons, and crafting weapon attachments.

Add magical and elemental weapon “enchanments.”

Add magical and elemental weapon “enchantments” that can be smeared on arrows and cold weapons.

Zombie gallbladders can be smeared on arrows and cold weapons. Doing this will cause the next attack to reduce the target’s immunity by 50%.

Acid zombie gastric juice can be obtained from acid zombies via a container, and is used to create acid grenades and acid arrows.

  • Acid grenades are made from combining acid zombie gastric juice with leather and a can. They can be thrown to cause an AoE acid pool for some time, with the amount of acid zombie gastric acid used directly impacting the longevity of the AoE acid pool.

  • Acid arrows are crafted from an arrow with an acid grenade. They can be shot farther than acid grenades can be thrown, but unlike standard arrows they cannot be recovered due to the acid’s corrosion effect destroying it.

Normal arrows can be scavenged from locations on the map, or crafted.

Electric shock arrows are crafted from a vehicle battery, can, and standard arrow. They can shoot incredibly far, glow in the dark, cannot be recovered, are less impacted by ballistics, and fire a projectile similar to a Lightningstrike Zombie Boss.

Phantom arrows are crafted via combining a berry with a wooden stick. They are best used for hunting animals (mostly birds), but if players are hit by one (and they don’t have the highest level of the most relevant immunity skill) then they will hallucinate. When NPC animals are hit, they will stop moving. Zombies and players will take a small amount of damage if struck by phantom arrows. It cannot be recovered, because it just magically breaks after being shot.

Burning arrows are crafted from cloth and an arrow. It deals 20% more damage than a basic arrow, and will always cause the target to bleed. The arrow glows slightly, and cannot be recovered after being shot. The reason it causes bleeding is because Unturned 3 doesn’t have a suitable burning debuff, although a proper burning debuff effect would be best.

Add magical and elemental weapon attachments.

Add magical and elemental weapon attachments that players can craft. All weapons can attach at least one of them, with epic and legendary rarity weapons accepting two. After attaching one, the weapon gains a ray of light of varying intensities and color based on the attachment.

The toxic attachment is crafted from a zombie gallbladder and a vaccine. This is more efficient than just smearing the gallbladder on a cold weapon, as it can be reused. It reduces a struck player’s immunity by 50%. The weapon gains a green ray of light from this.

The flame attachment is made from combining gas cans, raw explosives, and vaccines. It’s an extremely powerful attachment, causing the attacks of any weapon using to create an explosion similar to a burner zombie dying. It can inflict self-damage, and if used on zombies it will turn them into a burner zombie. It creates a red light on the weapon.

The electric attachment is created by combining vehicle batteries with vaccines. Every successful attack will cause the target to bleed, but the effect is only effective against players. It creates an incredibly obvious white light on the weapon.

The noise attachment is crafted from combining a radio with a vaccine. When attacking with your weapon, it will sound like automatic gunfire. It attracts nearby zombies, and can be heard by nearby players (either attracting them or scaring them). It adds a yellow light to the weapon.


I’m on mobile rn, will post proper comment when I’m home.

Looking good though.


I didn’t even read it, busy rn xd

I really dislike most of your suggestions.

Sure. :+1: Many people have suggested this, but sure.

Weird suggestion, but I guess the alternatives are either crafting a new worktable altogether for each tier of blueprints, or just having specialized tables.

Personally, I think just having specialized tables would make more sense, and then portable tools could still exist for recipes too.

Kinda weird that it includes all of that to be honest. I’d prefer if I could have some of those as an actually functional item in-game rather than just worktable fodder.

Also, why can the toolbox only craft cold weapons? Those tools in the toolbox don’t match up with cold weapons, to be honest.

Why does it only spawn at military factories?

I don’t understand what the computer does, or why it needs a lathe. Is it just allowing for more precision than what would be humanly possible?

Very weird and specific. That’s also incredibly overwhelming and most players would die to one shot given enough time on the right map.

Weird and random, but ignoring the whole “acid zombie gastric juice” bit I’m pretty alright with acid weapons.


This name is bad. :confused:

I support hallucinogenic berry weaponry.

“cause it’s broken”

Fine, whatever.

A reminder that this is the #unturned-4 category. Also that fire is planned in #unturned-4.

No. All of these magical attachments make zero sense in Unturned and were incredibly weird. Especially the noise attachment.



Are you even in the right forum thread right now

He’s talking about the font under your meme

I think the lathe with a computer is supposed to be a CNC machine.

Maybe the noise maker would make sense as an attachment for BB guns instead of melee weapons?

Yeah, but how is that relevant to anything?

I have no idea but whatever, he’s probably new so he probably doesn’t know the rules. Let it pass this time.

I should not be posting whatever pops into my head sorry

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