World Generation

You’re probably confused by the title. So i’ll break it down for you. As seen in P9nda’s video about Unturned ll. We see him enter the world with a car, grass and trees. But the cool thing is how the world generates in front of him. As seen in the video here. 1:00 to 1:05.

It would be very cool to see the world generate in front us as we enter the world. Seeing the ground go from nothing to actual ground, The grass being added, etc. tell me your thoughts down below.

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This is mostly an unintentional side effect of assets and the world loading in as you spawn in certain games.

If you wanted this so bad, you’d basically be intentionally slowing down some part of the loading process just to trip on what is essentially a visual glitch.

I don’t see the logic behind it really.


The “asset spawning version” is hard to do, but there is an easier version using depth pass.
It should do the trick with just one post process material.

Exactly, but I don’t think it makes sense based on Unturned’s art style.

Why would we want this? It really doesn’t match up with the aesthetic of Unturned nor the type of game that it is.

I do think it is a cool effect, just not for Unturned.


It’s an effect of bad HDD and slow CPU. I think, there is no need of doing that

I don’t really think this will be needed. Yeah it’s a pretty neato effecto but it really doesn’t have a purpose in unturned.

It is funny to see, and I see how you may like it, but it really isn’t made on purpose

Add a fading black screen so you won’t see the world generate :]

But yeah, unnecessary.


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