CLASSES: Recycle classes, making bonuses from them more unique and significant, if necessary, introduce new ones. For more interaction of different class players. Each class will be given a unique perk, as well as a bonus for leveling skills in accordance with the class branch. For example: From the start, the Military class will receive a unique perk * ​​(or several perks) - “two-handed shooting”, which will allow a player with this class to shoot with a two-handed weapon. Also, the class will receive a percentage bonus for pumping abilities in its branch.

SKILL SYSTEM: some abilities will be pumped according to the “do it more often, you become better” system, thus, the Dexterity skill present in the game will be pumped with more reloads of weapon. Also, this aspect can be determined by special animation. The first reload, if you are not “Military” will be extremely inept and slow, but with each subsequent character will learn faster. The system will look very roughly like this:

Each reload gives the player 5 points to the Dexterity skill, 100 points are required to pump the skill, after receiving Dexterity 2 the recharge speed will increase by 10%, and the received points by 1. Now we will demonstrate how it will look on the example of the Military class ". The base 5 points will be increased by the percentage that will be given from the class, for example, by 50%, a player with the “Military” class will receive 7.5 points, which will double the level of this skill. You should also do a negative bonus for some skills in different classes, let’s also say 50%. For example: for the Military class, this skill will be Cooking and Crafting, where it will have a negative leveling coefficient. Also, as part of the skill “Dexterity” should be divided into types of weapons. That is, pumping will depend on the type of weapon: pistols, shotguns, heavy weapons, etc. (Subsequently, the odds can be changed according to the balance of the game)

There have been discussions of this many times, and of course I am so with each of these things. I think that the skill branch should be very well developed.

Personally I think it should be gone, the more you run the longer you can run next time, The more trees you chop the better you are at it, Because if there’s classes there will always be the best one.

There is nothing to worry about. Classes will only receive bonuses on certain skills. The meaning of the class is to get a certain skill faster than others. In addition, they will also receive negative bonuses. And do not forget that all classes have a common limit for leveling.

Why a negative bonus though? If someone is in the military why can’t they cook aswell? Makes no sense

Well man, it’s all being finalized. In any case, the system is described here through “do it more often, you become better”. And classes are needed for a change, without them anywhere. Okay, let’s say a soldier cannot do construction and farming. It makes no sense to complain about what is said under the brand name “EXAMPLE”

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