I thought about the idea of ​​a guy who wanted to add space. What if it will be one location. That is, players will only fly to the ISS, for example. This is the only thing that I came up with about space and so that it was not so crazy. Next I will explain how I imagine it and why I proposed that idea.

  1. The rocket must be one on the map, players will have to collect it from scratch let’s say after receiving a new drawing, at the end of the quest line.
  2. Then - grind part
  3. Final part - THE GRAND DEFEND. The bottom line is that before launching the rocket will stand 5 minutes (you can always change the number) and issue a siren that will be heard on the whole map Players will need to fight off many others after, 15 seconds before the start, players must have time to sit inside and the launch will take place.
  4. There is an animated loading screen or just an animation of the flight directly to the ISS, with all the amenities - a beautiful view, slow docking, etc.
  5. The station itself can be filled with a bunch of unique loot, interactive environmental objects, maybe even an NPC, or vice versa a very powerful boss, a zombie or even an alien
  6. Players can back to earth in capsules or destroy the ISS by finding 24 permission keys, all over the map. Destruction is permanent to the server, although you can add stations cooldown

As a result, players get an interesting quest chain, time for a grind, a very difficult encounter that can become both a triumph and a drama, an exciting flight, a long-awaited sense of victory, a possibly terrible atmosphere of the station, a sense of mystery, a great sense of self-destruction and anarchy (when destroying the station ), and of course loot, oh and the last - a large number of backstory of Unturned

/Damn, I forgot, the rocket launch site should also be made interactive, so that it is easier for players to defend themselves. For example, a door control panel or turrets, flooding of some approaches, barricades, etc./

Well, what do you say?

  • Sounds great
  • Sounds awful
  • Need to remake

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Don’t be scared to vote please

Dude this ain’t Cod, It ain’t a space game either, Space doesn’t fit this game, probably as a mod because the community is weird a crazy, but certainly not vanilla


this definitely sounds interesting. reminds me of the excursion things that were planned but with a unique spin on it



İ am pretty sure unturned universe space is filled with alien species and space pirates maybe? space wasn’t part of unturned 2 but for unturned 4 maybe Nelson can implement in later development

Who would say no to slaying space pirates but more non humanoid version pike unturned 2 pirate boss looking enemies



Wait for it boy, you will be first to try :3


Try to be more tolerant next time

We will think about it

You mean you have others working on these as well? Stasven is gonna be put to shame at this rate.

No, it’s just for fun. Now I work only by my own

WO’s alien planet exploration when?

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