Would anyone be willing to create some custom clothing mods for my map?

I’m looking for someone to create some (vanilla style) security guard clothing for my map (I’m literally godawful with Blender, Unity, etc, so I need a little hand). Anyway, I’m in need of:

  • a black/dark grey shirt with “Security” written on the back (in the same kind of pixel font as some of the vanilla/curated mod clothing, the “Prison” top for example)

  • a vest (can just be the vanilla type one) with the same thing written on the back

  • matching vanilla-style pants, the same shade as the top (nothing writtedn on them) and they’re all called “Security Top”, “Security Vest”, and “Security Bottom”.
    I’d really appreciate this. Thanks

I might be able to try this.

I’ve never done clothing before, but I’ve always wanted to learn how. I also have support from the boyos at the Modject :wink:

Use “Guard” on the back, as the top isn’t big enough for security.

Yeah was also going to mention that.

Unless somebody makes a whole new vest, it won’t be possible to write Security on the back of the police vest since it has a texture of two pixels, and I don’t think the military vests are all that different.

You “can” make the custom clothing without using blender. (Unless you want custom mesh.)

Anyhow. If ye look at the Source>animation. You’ll see a texture, use photoshop to make ye own clothing and send the file here I guess. And I’ll try to make it in unity for ye.

Edit. Meh

EDIT: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1455973445



You snooze you lose, I guess.

Still, I figured out how to make tops and bottoms at least, so it wasn’t all for nothing

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woah, thanks so much Molt :smiley:

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Well I’ll be damned. How did you make the vest take a bigger size texture? And how did you know exactly where to put the writing?

I made my own UV map using my own blender file for the police vest. Its original UV map (from its original model) only occupies two pixels worth of space.

I then rotated the UV map so the back texture faces (two triangles for the big rectangular part) are upright. I enabled snapping to pixels, and copied over the text I used for the shirt.

In order to move the text into the best position in the rectangular area, I just dragged out the bottom two vertices further into the dark gray/black, which would, of course, move the text upwards and into a more cramped area.

EDIT: In Unity, I disabled texture filtering on the filter. This gives it the text a clean, non-blurry/smudged look. Pretty sure it’s normally bilinear.

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^ This was very nice from you.
+ respect


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