Would you guys join a 3.0 survival server if I made one?

I was thinking of starting up a server at least for a while, perhaps vanilla survival or with some mods.

Would you guys join? I kinda stopped playing U3 but I was thinking of getting back into it and making a server again.

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@anon42100029 Im thinking about doing it too. I just need to get access first xD i need 600 hours more

wait theirs a playtime requirement to host a server?

Also to answer Stugarts server question:

sure go ahead, but make it yukon since i barely see any yukon maps, and yukon is pretty fun to play on.


I would play, especially on yukon since I haven’t played on it for years.

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No sorry i just dont have the Unturned II yet

This topic is about Unturned 3


bitch this is unturned 3


What update is 3 I hate these numbers. The unturned right now is called 2, 3 or 4?

Unturned: Classic

  • 2 or 2.2.5
Unturned: Free to Play

  • 3 or 3.0
Unturned: II

  • 4

I hope I made it understandable.

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dude you have 1.5k hours in unturned and you don’t what version your on

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Thank you.

I know the version is 3.x But when people start asking when they can get access to unturned 2 then i get confused.

this discussion is in the U3 section (green) not the UII section (red)


I’d totally join, as long as we get a good 10 players and it’s PvP. What kind of mods are you thinking of using?

I would play!

if were doing mods than i suggest furniture and that better farming mod

Furniture mod is probably the single best mod on the workshop. Really wish Nelson would just make it vanilla because it’s literally vanilla style and adds a lot more depth to base making, plus most servers already run it.

I was thinking of using More Farming mod and furniture mod. That or just keep it vanilla

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I’d join if you’re in North America. I’d love to chill with the boys slaughtering zombies.

am in australia at the moment. server probably will be based in central Europe once I’m ready to put it up