Wut is dis

I am using Android running Google Chrome, and this comes up eventually

Normally it comes like this

Basically “read more” thing in Ukrainian. Maybe it’s smth with translation.

It most likely is. I would hope that it still functions properly when you click on it, but I am not able to fix it. Discourse’s translations are a global community project managed through Transifex.

You could ask for review rights to the Discourse localization project, after making an account, and help flesh out the localizations in hopes of them eventually being accepted and updated.

This forum is always running on the latest beta (more recent than the main releases) version of Discourse, so there’s occasionally errors that result from it (i.e., mobile user cards are currently incompatible).

  • I’ve noticed a few localizations errors occurring recently, so I’d attribute some of those to that. In the future, the site may only run on the latest core builds instead, although you’d have to wait longer for newer features (i.e., ignoring/muting users).

god damn russians
first the election and now this

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This is irrelevant to the original post, but as of here recently this has been officially implemented into Discourse. :slight_smile: Group cards also exist on mobile now (i.e., clicking on @wiki-staff).

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