Yet another "great" idea

The Swissgewehr got introduced to Yukon because it clearly was not used by anyone. Do you think it would be a good idea to introduce pistols like Avenger and Desert Falcon to this map? Nobody uses them anyway.

  • Add the Avenger and the Desert Falcon
  • Add just the Avenger
  • Add just the Desert Falcon
  • Do not add anything

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nah i use em


To clarify: the original suggestion had to deal with weapon balance, and wanted the PDW replaced with something else (e.g., the Swissgewehr).

There were some community members who supported adding the Swissgewehr specifically (instead of a different or entirely new weapon) because they felt the Swissgewehr was under-utilized as far as availability in the game’s official maps go.


The quoted phrase was used to shorten the clarification you just did, just not to waste time. Thanks for effort, though. Same idea here - these pistols are under-utilized, because there are always better options present on most maps. On Yukon they could be viable, though.

Its not that Yukon needs more guns. That wasnt the idea of adding the Swissgewehr. Its was solely to replace the PDW. Its not about adding more guns that people dont use, it was solely for balancing. Yukon doesnt need any more guns.


Nah, unnecessary. Yukon isn’t there to be a dumping ground for underdog guns, and pistols themselves are already ‘underused’.

But that’s not the point. As Molton said Swissgewehr was chosen because it didn’t have much representation in terms of how many maps it’s found if you exclude it being an Airdrop weapon. For that reason, Avenger and Desert Falcon have no reason to be added. They’re both very mainstream military pistols in a lot of maps.

the falcon uses high grade mili ammo lmao

Still, the Desert Falcon is a really interesting gun and it barely gets the chance to show its full potential. I really wonder how would it do on Yukon, since there is no high caliber ammo boxes that you would normally save for raid guns, there are just magazines that would spawn. The gun itself is in a sweet spot - high damage, decent accuracy with a high recoil, rare ammo, semi-auto fire only. It is balanced. It could change people’s weapon preferences - it might become wanted and actually utilized. The Desert Falcon has been an underdog for a lot of time now.

If you couldn’t refill it how in gods name would people want to use it

Mr. Smart. Yukon spawns magazines with bullets…

Then they’re even worse if you rely on farming half-filled magazines for these military pistols. Why bother if you can stock up on Cobra and the Ace in a higher quantity for very little effort.

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@MediumPlayer I use pistols like the Avenger as a secondary in PVP. I’ve also jump shot a guy when I had a Hawkhound. (The guy I killed was using a Calling Card)

Good to you

Because Cobra has terrible accuracy but Ace even though is a decent gun, has less damage than the Desert Falcon. The power has its price.

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