Yet another Third Person post

The problem with 3rd person is the corner peaking, which can’t be solved, so it’s the 1st person life for me in pvp.

Also in unturned you get that weird zoom thing, so it makes targets easier to see farther away.

Going off of @RainOfPain125, something similar might actually work. Instead of having third person be a toggleable feature, it could instead be limited to some kind of aerial drone that allows the player to see in third person but is easily susceptible to damage.

(I know, it’s a terrible idea)

Or we remove it completely

So…you want to make the entire meta of combat darting in and out of cover trying to shoot the other persons drone because who ever has one wins? Doesn’t seem that fun to me.

its just remove its more simple and that continue a style of wallhack and a impossible mechanism to atack rush!

Arent you basically suggesting a PUBG-ish style of 3rd person?
Cuz that’s what it sounds like. Being in 3rd person then going to first person when aiming.
Now this is a good idea by all means, but 3rd person view is mostly an issue when you can see people that can’t see you. That is a big chunk of the issue. Prefiring is a result of the peaking. So the problem is still left untouched because many people peak eith 3rd person, switch to 1st and prefire. I have suggested the camera angle in 3rd person view be more vertically distant from the model than horizontally which allows you to peak very tight angles

Minecraft third person?

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