Yet another Turned suggestion post


Hello there,

I know that there is PLENTY of posts talking about new Turned ideas to add, but since I didn’t get the patience to read each one of those, plus I’m pretty sure that no one got some of the original ideas I have (totally not stolen from other games, I won’t assume), so I decided to write it anyways. Ho and I’m not English, so, if your suffer from eyes bleeding or something while reading this, just know that I tried my best and hurting/killing you through my English skill wasn’t in my intention…

  1. Bulletproof Turneds :
    They work similarly to the grunt of the Rainbow Six Outbreak past event (you can go watch a video if you’re
    too lazy to read what’s below).
    Basically, it’s a normal turned, but once he spots you, he will freeze and cover his whole body with a
    bulletproof shell covering everything except his head, which means that body and arms/leg shots damage
    would be greatly reduced. That could add a little diversity in all those hordes.

  2. Piercing Turneds :
    It’s one of my original ideas ! This turned is weak but fast and only able to attack at a medium range by
    spitting an acid, dissolving only armor, which means that you won’t lose any life but it will affect your armor
    more importantly than a basic turned.

  3. Blind Turneds :
    This turned is big and dangerous, but hopefully, he’s not able to see you. His only way to track and attack
    you is by hearing you, which is something he can do better than a normal turned. He’s attracted by the noise,
    which means that you could easily shoot him and slowly walk away without him noticing and silently watch
    him search for you near the spot where you shot it.

  4. Deaf Turneds :
    Well, that’s basically the same as the Blind, but he can see you from very far but isn’t able to hear you so
    you can sneak past him very easily but if he sees you-you’ll have to run very fast or kill him to get rid of

And well that’s pretty much all of those that I haven’t seen in any of the topics regarding the turned. Feel free to make any proposal and give me advice about mines.

Ho and I also wanted to talk about Turned… adaptability ? I mean, something like, if you shot a normal Turned in the legs, he’ll no longer be able to walk and start acting like a crawling turned. But to think of a system like that, we should know all the turned types that exist to see if it’s something that could become a whole game mechanic.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day/night !


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