Yo i need minor help

So I want to host server. I made server and i see it in lan. Now i port forwarded and i still see it in lan and not in internet. So i saw that they use virtual server. I dont have virtual server i just have port forwarding and DMZ I dont know what to do. But i dont want to pay server because it will run just for few hours a day and nobody will give me free server for that. I just want to open pure vanilla on hawaii and Im stuck on this publishing server. Any tip will help.

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You know the problem myb?

no i dont, im not a server technician kind of guy

rainofpain is good with servers i think
he owns like 3 or 5 so ask him

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Can you explain it a little bit more. Im not very good at this thing im new. But im fast learner

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Ahaa hahahahhahah i just read it good

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You will NEVER see a LAN server in the internet tab, even if it is portforwarded properly.

That is my question dude. There is no tutorial how to make a normal server. I tryed everything. I typed in ytb how to make a public server and I tryed evry method i found and every server i made was lan server. I did that one with -nographics -batchmode +secureserver. I tryed the one with steam cmd and it didnt work. What should i do so other people can join how to make a public server how to make online server not a lan server i couldnt find tutorial and i dont want to pay for a server that will be online 3 hours and where i have to waist money for 8 people on freaking pei map its not worth of 6 dollars.
Can somebody give me link or something how to make it?

Thank you

When you created the server did you put -lan- in your shortcut? Or did you not do anything to it?
Here a vid on how to make a server. Make sure you do each step.

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I’m on a mobile device at the moment, but I’m assuming you haven’t looked at any of the official documentation. https://github.com/SmartlyDressedGames/U3-Docs/blob/master/ServerHosting.md




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There are, loads actually

Port forwarding my dude

Deus, thats what he did. He didnt put +secure in his shortcut, so it auto’s to lan. Also, when I searched up for the mlbb tutorial, there was about 300 crappy videos before i got to it.

Last I checked that only specifies VAC/BE, but I didn’t actually check so eh

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