You can bypass the full sentence checker


As the title says, you can bypass the full sentence checker applied to comments by adding an emoji to your text, I haven’t fully tested it (to avoid spamming comment sections) but I believe it also works if you enlarge the text.

Would there be any way to fix this or is it a non-issue? :smile:
EDIT: by enlarging the text you can bypass the 10 character thing because the dashes count as characters, molton please fix


h :rofl:


I :b:elieved that everyone who know that would be smart enough to not spam them.

Until now, at least…


you can just use the snippet tool to copy a 1x1 of the forum’s background colour and paste it in your amazingly ellaborate comment




oh shit thats smart
EDIT: no it isnt, does not work on light mode :sleeping:


who uses light mode



Afaik there’s no method of excluding certain characters from the character counterm

If it was possible, then the next concern would probably be if people could bypass the maximum character limit.


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also via


Oh Okay


Or you can use one of the hundreds of Unicode characters that appear empty. Even a large corp such as Discord has had trouble banning all of them.


you can also do it by copying 1 pixel of forum’s bg color
like this image


thanks G gonna start doing that instead




why tf would you use light mode


shutup please