You can easily scrap items without any warnings

As the title says you can easily scrap items without any warnings and this can really be annoying.
I lost my halloween present because of that.
If any admin views this please may i have my halloween crate back?

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You had to pay more attention, there is no way to get what you lost back. Halloween event is still going on, just wait for your next drop.

there are no warnings,they should add warnings

Admins cannot give you items.

I believe some items actually do have warnings, but they weren’t added to every item so as to let people scrap faster.

Admins can’t give you items, this is your mistake and you’ll have to live with it.

Ouff, hard love.

i don’t actually mean it, just take it as a metaphor

put <.br> then <./br> without the periods, then you dont need the periods.

thanks lol

wait… i don’t think that works…

it does.

it really


oh god, i am such an idiot. I thought when you said "without the periods"I thought you meant the ones in my post, and not in the command itself

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At least you got a Halloween box. I havent gotten any Halloween boxs or Christmas boxs for 2 years.