Zombie Manipulation

In 4.0/Unturned II, there should be certain tool’s that are hard to craft and can potentially command zombie’s. This could range from very minor thing’s like rock’s to the smoke’s and thing’s we all know and love in 3.0 to full on devices that could link up to zombie’s like “zombie communication device” , which could link up 25 zombie’s at a time and make them more powerful. These zombie’s will have blue marker’s over their head OR blue eye’s, with orange eye’s at night. This link allow’s the player to use emote’s like “point” to move zombie’s to a certain location or attack a certain object as well as thing’s around it. “Surrender” could summon the zombie’s to come and attack all thing’s around you. “Wave” could make them come to you. “Rest” would make them all crouch and become running zombie’s temporarily and “salute” causes all zombie’s to stand, not defend themselves or anything, and slowly regain health+it will make them salute and look at you. Facepalm will cause all zombie’s to die. The “Zombie Communication Device” will use material’s that never respawn and are found in hidden area’s.

However, we also have the devices most player’s will start using when they first start to move zombie’s, the original 3.0 smoke’s, flare’s and my suggested addition, low damage dealing high noise rock’s.

But, for mid-tier player’s, we would have other craftable item’s. These could be thing’s like “zombie link device” which temporarily allow’s 15 zombie’s to be controlled the same way.

My idea is basically to add a whole new potentially RTS dynamic that could significantly enhance gameplay and make many’s dream’s of zomboid army 50,000 true. This idea is meant to be a potential non-invasive way of doing that. With a gradual build-up in gear power so that player’s will have a nice gradual advance through this new mechanic.

This is one of those ideas that are so out there I can only look at them as a post that was accidentally posted in #unturned-4 instead of #community-lounge:memes.


Maybe :thinking:

Bad idea, that is a survival game not a bring an army of 25 zombies to a base (not trying to sound rude)

This suggestion is just, weird.

At most I believe we could add something onto what we have already in terms of “zombie manipulation.”

Currently, we can throw flares/smokes to lead them away from something; but what if we had a sort of Boomer Biler clone from L4D2?

Which when thrown, zombies affected by it will begin to attack each other, making your fight a lot easier.

It should be relatively hard to obtain, maybe requiring a certain container to capture a spitter’s spit, but I think it could actually be balanced.

Just my thoughts :man_shrugging:


I’m weird so atleast I’m following my character!

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