Zombies can jump and avoid

Zombies can jump on you when you are near, or they can avoid slow melee hits (like the axe).
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There certainly could be some sorts of Turned that attempt to dodge attacks, but IMO, the basic zombie-like variety wouldn’t be the right ones to do it. Just as you would see a bloated or fiery type of Turned to explode, you expect the normal dumb zombie to behave like a normal dumb zombie, but maybe a jittery or sprinting type of Turned could be a good type to try to dodge attacks.


Like Harvest said.

I also believe there will be multiple kind of zombies,
Such as some dodging slow attacks like you mentioned while being vulnerable to knives,
Or others that can straight up survive a blow to the head with an axe.

depends on what the turned are like, but i dont know if it is a good idea for them to be abel to avoid attacks

more like zombies can jump and avoid suggestions
ooooooo emirite uptop

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There could be a special type of enemies that’d be able to do this. Like the ninjas in Half Life. I loved them as enemies. They ran fast, threw grenades, shot at you, jumped high and did acrobatics. It was really cool. I’d love to see a similar type of an enemy in Unturned II. Maybe something like…

Once I made a model for a robot and gave it an animation. The robot’s backstory was that it was created in order to get rid of Turned, however it was incomplete so it didn’t discriminate among the humans and the Turned. I also gave it an attack animation where it ducked while attacking and it’s run animation was low running position.

Well basically I don’t care what the enemy is, what kind of backstory it has (although I’d love to see some great backstory) but I definitely want to see agile enemies doing acrobatics and stuff while fighting.

haha more like you can jump and avoid the point

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