Zombies ideas

I know,there are some different zombies…but we need more for more challenge for the survival.

Amoeba Zombie:This should be for 4.0:Spawns whit different body parts,like arms on the back,two heads,it’s random,using the gore mechanic for 4.0 you can dismember the legs and arms,but the zombie has fast regeneration ability…so the body parts will regenerate.
For kill him you must aim for the head…or heads.

Stalker Zombie:You can find him in caves or metros,he is silent…and will ‘‘stalk’’ you,if you use the flashlight on him he will run away…but if you don’t…well…you’re dead.

Jaw Zombie:A Small zombie,he will prepare an ambush for you in the houses,and will use his powerfull jaw to bite you to death,if you survive you will have bleeding (he will be rare)

Allert Zombie (couln’t think for a name):A very skinny zombie,if he hears you,he will do a large breath for 4-5 seconds…if you don’t kill him in those seonds he will do a wowl and will attract other zombies.

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howl, seconds ect.

This seems like a good idea, but it needs some tweaking, especially on the regeneration part- this zombie doesn’t really seem like a zombie, more of some sort of mutated being, making it more zombie like (for example not giving it multiple limbs and ability to die from normal shooting) could help with this.

Another good idea, but still not too zombie like, zombies are intelligent, they see/hear a target, and they attack, that’s how it usually works- they don’t typically have the ability to stalk prey.

Basically just a crawler zombie.

Basically just the witch zombie from L4D, but I would like to see this to encourage stealth in certain areas.


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