Zombies must drop everything they own

Currently in beta when we kill the bots it is possible to loot everything they have visibly, boots, backpack, shirt etc, and I believe that this must happen to zombies too, in unturned 3 even if a military zombie visibly has a vest or helmet it is not guaranteed that he will drop them when he is killed, it would be nice to see zombies with backpacks and guns on their backs, I want them to be able to remove everything they have visibly from the zombies, by the way I wonder if the plunder of the rag doll will return , or will we only have the possibility to loot the boxes that are dropped by them when they are killed?



Perhaps do it like project zomboid?

You can loot all the clothes off a zombie, but it’s likelythe clothes will be broken or in very bad condition?


Great idea, I actually thought this would happen when i just started playing the game, and so i was disappointed , well i hope that this gets added to 4. And i think that this might already be in 4 because players become turned and to gt your loot back you have to kill these turned.


I won’t be the one to wear Radiated clothes. I don’t have vaccines

Yeah i think that there should be a cleansing mechanic. but then again it depends on the kind f zombies in the game.

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If this were to be a feature, it must go to the point that the damage clothing have minimal protection. Otherwise killing one zombie even on hardmode would shorten the time required to get looted significantly. Apart from this I do like the idea, maybe ripped clothing could be a separate item which is un-equippable, and is only salvageable for cloth.

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While unconfirmed, it is presumable that all denizens will drop all of their equipment when killed, including zombies. Denizens can act as walking loot containers, and Nelson plans to implement world searchables in such a way that loot can be generated upon the moment of interaction, which should open up some avenues with regards to loot design and balance.

Previously, I had also made a somewhat relevant suggestion pertaining to what could happen when you try taking clothing from corpses.


i think that is so op i mean if a zombie have a military vest with plates and u kill it u will have a military vest with plates and that make the game easier i think 4.0 need to be more survival make the loot rare and hard to use it (u get a gun but no ammo)


So why not just make these zombies spawn less?

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Nah, Its better like this

Nah, kinda op, you’ll just easily fix them

What repair system are you basing this on? Project zomboid or 3.0? Project zomboid it’s a bit difficult to repair clothes and I cant remember how it’s donein 3.0.

Anyways a reminder

Unturned II is NOT 3.0. It’s not gonna have the same mechanics, look, feel, ect. So dont act like it will.

Because that make the game easier and the zombies will be the same but is a good solution anyway

quoting jay, just do what zomboid does

loot is abundant, but stuff that spawns on zombies aren’t exactly in pristine condition, and if you want it, you have to kill it, which means more damage to clothes (yes, both the player’s and zombies’ clothes take damage, so while a thick firefighter jacker might nullify some hits, it’ll hold for so long until you need a replacement) this also makes sharp vs blunt a big thing

now, some zombies have clothing in decent condition, which you can loot, because this is a survival game, of course there’s some loot

but then again, zomboid is zomboid, the devs can somehow make 4 zombies dropping weapons and ammo in a somewhat safe location balanced, it also has an absurd variety in clothing (which I like) so if unturned doesn’t match that, the clothing might get very repetitive

so that’s that, I don’t think abundant loot makes the game any easier, even so if it’s low level loot

Armored jackets will likely be in poor shape and after taking the zed down the plates might be damaged or even destroyed by stray rounds.

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