Zombies running and grabbing/jumping onto moving cars

idk if this is possible or just really hard but i think this would be a amazing feature to boost the actual fear of zombies instead of them just kinda walking up to you and hitting for you to hop in a car and mow them down.i was thinking that regular zombies would run at you and the zombies on all 4’s would pounce at people and onto cars breaking them while there moving away. this would add to the threat of zombies making them a real challenge again as they are kinda easy pickings in 3.0 and have no real depth

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animations would be the hard part here, but yes, I could imagine this being added, and its a really good suggestion, really makes the zombies more feared rather than “lets get a melee then headshot stun all of them to death”. +1.

Would be cool to see megas destroying cars by pouncing on them, like the groundpounder animation.



Cars need more love in general, but some more combat-related improvements would also be amazing to see.

Being able to lean out the windows, punching zombies off the doors and roof. Megas slamming cars away like cardboard boxes. Being able to not turn into a mobile bouncy-castle as soon as you go off-roading. More offensive car customization, rather than just wrapping the whole thing in barbed wire several times.

Being able to lean out of windows doesn’t seem like the best idea in the book, if there was still the same vehicle building system in 4.0 in 3.0 you could lean out of the window with some barbed wire in the way. Plus I could also see base glitching and what not coming from that. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

If it’s 4.0, I’d assume there’d be some work put in so you can’t just lean out of a window and jump into someone’s base. :smile:

Some possible fixes would be not being able to lean if you’re close to a wall or object, or if something’s blocking the window. I think it’d be a nice addition cause it’d allow you to do more car shootouts, without having your buddies’ fat heads blocking blocking your view, front and back. It’d also take a bit of time to move so you’re not spamming it back and forth to dodge bullets.

I would like to be able to shoot one-handed out of my window.

Already planned on Trello

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