Hello there, I’m Joseph! As you’ll read below, I used to play Unturned back in the day off and on, hence why I’m a Beta player but with not many hours at all. All of my contact information will be left below at the bottom of the text.

I’m an Unturned Beta player, but I don’t have many hours on Unturned because I used to play the game every now and then instead of constantly (which uh, I somewhat regret to say the least).

I’ve known about the making of Unturned 2, but I didn’t realize how far it’s come since I last checked it. So when I noticed that way more content has been put into the game. So after that, I started watching some Unturned 2 videos, and then slowly went over to watching Unturned 3.0 videos again and kind of got back into the game.

Contact Me:
SDG Forums: Well here, obviously…
Discord: Joseph#1493
Steam Profile:

Before adding me on Discord, please make sure to read this message. If you start harassing, spamming, bullying, or annoying me, I will not be afraid to just block you and report you to the Discord Trust & Safety Team immediately.