Welcome to my Profile!

I’m Optamistic- Call me Opta.

Sometimes people ask, what am I? What kind of abominable ritual lead to me? Welp you’ll never know so suck it!

For those of you who ask what am I in a more kind-hearted way, I’m a young boy who’s been a fanatic of games since I could get my hands on them. I get bored often with the constant tear of an anti-tech family which has lead to me getting no money and therefore nothing- so I indulge outside of their presence on anything I can get!

(Including gifted games on steam please gimme)

One of the ways I do this is going into forums and writing pieces about tech and try to make multiple journalist-like endeavors that I hope to use as practice for any sort of career which requires analyzing and writing some good ol’ reports! (so a lot of jobs). Message me if you want to talk some more- even if I may become inactive and leave everyone to die because of a literal case of family feud! (It’s just like the name!)